My Gifting Experience with

Hi guys! Hope you'll are doing well. Last month I was in a bit of dilemma because it was my mom's birthday and I was so confused about what to gift her. Since I live in Bangalore and she's in Goa, it was quite a task to pick out a gift and courier it back … Continue reading My Gifting Experience with


Review: Art of Delight, Bangalore.

Art of delight

Two weeks ago, Marlon came around to visit and the two of us went a little crazy trying out all the little cafes and restaurants around Bangalore. One of the many cafes we visited was Art of Delight. Art of Delight is a little dessert place located in Koramangala and Residency Road, Bangalore. They serve the … Continue reading Review: Art of Delight, Bangalore.

Review: Tarbouche, Bangalore.

There's a new place in town and guess who went to check it out? Yes, it was yours truly! So, this time when I mean town, I mean 'Bangalore'. Tarbouche is a charming little kiosk located on Jyoti Nivas College road, Koramangala and they serve a beautiful medley of Arabic and Turkish food. I went … Continue reading Review: Tarbouche, Bangalore.

Cluck Tales – Sunday Brunch 

Cluck Tales, the place which has been the talk of the town since opening up earlier this year brought more cheer into the foodies. Along with revamping their menu a bit, Cluck Tales now serve a delightful Sunday Brunch! It's a bonus for  those who go to Don Boscos for mass on Sundays. Is it … Continue reading Cluck Tales – Sunday Brunch 

Review: ‘Cohiba’ Bar & Kitchen

So I flew back home for the long, festive weekend last week and it was a breath of fresh air to come home to the trees and pollution-free air of Goa. None of that big city hustle and bustle. While I spent most of my weekend working, I decided to unwind on Monday night (yes, … Continue reading Review: ‘Cohiba’ Bar & Kitchen

Product Review – myDaily

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper" Every morning people face the biggest hassle of the day, getting out of our God damn bed! We all love sleeping the extra 5 minutes which some times extends to half an hour. In the bargain of sleeping for some extra … Continue reading Product Review – myDaily

Book Review : Superwomen by Prachi Garg

In a nation dominated by the male gender, it used to be very rare to come across stories or books that spoke highly of women and their success stories. However, with the message of Women Empowerment being spread across the nation in the past few years, women are now being seen as equals, or in … Continue reading Book Review : Superwomen by Prachi Garg

Eat and Shop till you POP!

If you live somewhere around North Goa, you've probably heard of the Pop-it-up flea market curated by Bhakti Hirani and Natasha Parekh. These young entrepreneurs have taken Goa's home-based commercialism to a whole new level by providing a platform to other young entrepreneurs and small, creative businesses to showcase their talent and make a living … Continue reading Eat and Shop till you POP!

Vipul’s Shawarma Truck

Vipul is a man who is bound to make a mark with his chicken shawarma. With his base set up near Mall de Goa in Porvorim, Vipul is already quite popular amongst the locals and people who love the Lebanese Shawarma. Vipul wants to keep his shawarma simple, adding just chicken, tomatoes, cabbage and his … Continue reading Vipul’s Shawarma Truck

Goa Man v/s Food

Imagine you go to watch a WWE Royal Rumble match and you're thrown into the ring with 11 superstars! That's exactly how I felt at the Goa Man v/s Food, North Goa preliminary round. I went to Praana in the intention of supporting my pal as he ate his way to glory but things took … Continue reading Goa Man v/s Food