Review: Tarbouche, Bangalore.

There's a new place in town and guess who went to check it out? Yes, it was yours truly! So, this time when I mean town, I mean 'Bangalore'. Tarbouche is a charming little kiosk located on Jyoti Nivas College road, Koramangala and they serve a beautiful medley of Arabic and Turkish food. I went … Continue reading Review: Tarbouche, Bangalore.


Review: ‘Cohiba’ Bar & Kitchen

So I flew back home for the long, festive weekend last week and it was a breath of fresh air to come home to the trees and pollution-free air of Goa. None of that big city hustle and bustle. While I spent most of my weekend working, I decided to unwind on Monday night (yes, … Continue reading Review: ‘Cohiba’ Bar & Kitchen

10 Ways to show your Love for Bacon

Guess what day it is- INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY! Yes, there's an entire day dedicated to the world's most favorite food. If it was left up to me, I'd dedicate an entire month to BACON! Here are a few ways you can show off your love for Bacon on International Bacon Day. Buy some of these … Continue reading 10 Ways to show your Love for Bacon