My Gifting Experience with

Hi guys! Hope you’ll are doing well. Last month I was in a bit of dilemma because it was my mom’s birthday and I was so confused about what to gift her. Since I live in Bangalore and she’s in Goa, it was quite a task to pick out a gift and courier it back home. I’d have to brave the Bangalore traffic, spend hours picking up something for her, then head to a courier company and ask them to send it home, all this while paying a heavy courier fee and wasting tons of time and energy.

So when came to my rescue, I was quite relieved! They’ve got a variety of gifts ranging from cakes and flowers to fashion and jewelry. They also have a ton of personalized gifts that are super easy to customize and buy. Best part about IGP is that they deliver to 150+ countries (including USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc) and 7,000+ pin codes in India, most of which have same day delivery, which btw, is super convenient for a forgetful person like me. I always forget birthdays till the last minute! Also, you can browse for different types of gifts according to the recipient’s personality type, age, relationship with you, etc which is honestly, SO COOL and makes it so much easier to buy an appropriate gift.

Anyway, since my mom is a bit of a fussy shopper, I decided not to get her any clothes or jewelry items. Instead, I sent her a bouquet of roses to say ‘I love you’. I mean, who doesn’t love Roses? especially red ones. They arrived exactly on the day of her birthday and she was so surprised and glad to have received them.

While browsing their site, I also came across a lot of personalized stationery. I’m a total sucker for stationery, so I picked out this red leather diary for myself and personalized it by writing my name on the cover. Because who better to gift than yourself, Amirite? 😛

So here’s a picture of both my purchases. The roses were absolutely beautiful and fresh and the diary was of really good quality.


Overall, I had a really good experience with The quality of their products is amazing, their prices are pretty reasonable and their delivery is outstanding! I usually see most online companies mess up with delivery schedules but these guys nailed it. I will definitely be using for my future gifting purposes and you should check them out too, especially if you need a couple of gift ideas or if you’re in a long distance relationship. You can also see how the gift discovery platform works here

That’s all for this blog post. Happy gifting, guys!


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