Vipul’s Shawarma Truck

Vipul is a man who is bound to make a mark with his chicken shawarma. With his base set up near Mall de Goa in Porvorim, Vipul is already quite popular amongst the locals and people who love the Lebanese Shawarma. Vipul wants to keep his shawarma simple, adding just chicken, tomatoes, cabbage and his amazing garlic sauce to either Khubus or bread, the choice is yours. If you want to spice up things in your Shawarma, then he throws in a few of his ‘special’ pickled chilies into the shawarma.
Unlike some other shawarma vendors who add extras like French fries, Jalapeños, Vipul emphasizes on the taste of his chicken and does not believe in adding things that would distract you from the chicken. He kept telling us that whoever loves the true Lebanese Shawarma would never stop coming to him. He proclaims to be serving the best shawarma in this part of Goa and he strongly believes what he says; rubbishing all his competitors in the bargain.

Vipul started off his shawarma career in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Initially he went to the country as a helper to a Lebanese Shawarma chef who he accounts for teaching him most of the things he has learnt about Shawarma today, right from marinating the chicken to serving the perfect shawarma. Vipul says the highlight of his career was when his Shawarma chef’s son wasn’t well which prompted him to go back to Lebanon for his son’s treatment. To Vipul’s luck, he was asked to be head of the Shawarma chain in Saudi Arabia. At a young age, after being promoted, the former helper was now the reason the company’s stores almost doubled the sale of shawarma within no time. Vipul enjoyed his time in Saudi Arabia, increasing sales and keeping up the standard of his chain of Shawarma outlets. A couple of years of marriage and some taunting from his wife, Vipul decided to pack his bags and come home, back to Goa.

Once he returned home, he didn’t fancy working anywhere since the salaries in Goa didn’t amuse him. After receiving some advice from a friend, Vipul joined Altisource, a BPO based in Merces. His fluency of the English language did take me a bit by surprise. As a tradition in his family, every year on his wedding anniversary he would take his family out for a lunch or dinner and to roam here or there, however one year Vipul decided not to take his family out but asked his wife to cook some nice food. Wanting to surprise his wife with his shawarmas, Vipul brought out his Shawarma burner which was covering dust in his store since the time he came from Saudi Arabia.

Overjoyed to see the burners working, Vipul got to work. Once he was done he was filled with joy to see his family enjoying the same shawarma he fed half of Saudi Arabia. After taking the last bite Vipul’s wife’s words are what changed everything for him. she said,” Why are you sitting on talent like this, Goa needs to taste your shawarma. Go show Goa what Shawarma really is.”

These are the words which got Vipul to quit his job at Altisource and start his own Chicken Shawama Food Truck.

So the next time you’re around the corner, don’t forget to check out this charming little shawarma truck and drop us a comment telling us what you think of it! 🙂


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