Review: Art of Delight, Bangalore.

Art of delight

Two weeks ago, Marlon came around to visit and the two of us went a little crazy trying out all the little cafes and restaurants around Bangalore. One of the many cafes we visited was Art of Delight. Art of Delight is a little dessert place located in Koramangala and Residency Road, Bangalore. They serve the … Continue reading Review: Art of Delight, Bangalore.


Review: TE-A-ME Natural Green Teas

Its been a long weekend of drinking like a fish and an early morning full of headaches and a hangover. The only thing keeping me going is Te-a-me's natural green teas! I'm a huge tea fanatic, but when it comes to Green Tea, I'm not very open to exploring too many brands. I've always pretty … Continue reading Review: TE-A-ME Natural Green Teas