Eat and Shop till you POP!

If you live somewhere around North Goa, you've probably heard of the Pop-it-up flea market curated by Bhakti Hirani and Natasha Parekh. These young entrepreneurs have taken Goa's home-based commercialism to a whole new level by providing a platform to other young entrepreneurs and small, creative businesses to showcase their talent and make a living … Continue reading Eat and Shop till you POP!


Vipul’s Shawarma Truck

Vipul is a man who is bound to make a mark with his chicken shawarma. With his base set up near Mall de Goa in Porvorim, Vipul is already quite popular amongst the locals and people who love the Lebanese Shawarma. Vipul wants to keep his shawarma simple, adding just chicken, tomatoes, cabbage and his … Continue reading Vipul’s Shawarma Truck

Goa Man v/s Food

Imagine you go to watch a WWE Royal Rumble match and you're thrown into the ring with 11 superstars! That's exactly how I felt at the Goa Man v/s Food, North Goa preliminary round. I went to Praana in the intention of supporting my pal as he ate his way to glory but things took … Continue reading Goa Man v/s Food

10 Ways to show your Love for Bacon

Guess what day it is- INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY! Yes, there's an entire day dedicated to the world's most favorite food. If it was left up to me, I'd dedicate an entire month to BACON! Here are a few ways you can show off your love for Bacon on International Bacon Day. Buy some of these … Continue reading 10 Ways to show your Love for Bacon

International Beer Day 2016

Beer is not just a beverage, Its a way of life. And what better day to toast to life than International Beer day! Best part about this day is that its a Friday which gives you plenty of time to recover from your hangover on the weekend. No better way to start the weekend than … Continue reading International Beer Day 2016

Hi there!

Hey guys! Starting a food blog is something we've always talked about but never got around to doing and after a year of procrastinating, we finally made Burgers & Brownies official! Our aim is to bring to you the best of tried and tested recipes and restaurant reviews. We're also gonna do posts on travel and adventures … Continue reading Hi there!