Review: Tarbouche, Bangalore.

There’s a new place in town and guess who went to check it out? Yes, it was yours truly! So, this time when I mean town, I mean ‘Bangalore’.

Tarbouche is a charming little kiosk located on Jyoti Nivas College road, Koramangala and they serve a beautiful medley of Arabic and Turkish food. I went there on a Wednesday afternoon for lunch and they let me try out some great dishes. Besides being conveniently located, they also have very fun and charming owners who are experts at Arabic cuisine and will help you pick out what to eat if you’re not that well versed with the food.


For starters, I had their Char grilled chicken kebab roll which was prepared right in front of me. It had really fresh vegetables and the chicken kebabs were juicy and delicious. I also ordered a side of hummus which went really well with the roll.

After that, I ordered Falafel, something I’ve always wanted to try but never did because its vegetarian, and I’m more of a meat lover. I was pleasantly surprised with my Falafel. A great dish if you’re a vegetarian, but if I were to go again, I’d stick to the meaty dishes.


To quench my thirst and cleanse my palate, I went ahead and ordered Tender Coconut water which was natural, fresh and served its purpose.

For dessert, the owners recommended ‘Avil milk’ which is a Calicut specialty made with bananas, pulses and other fruits. It’s more of a thick drink than a dessert, but since its sweet and creamy, I would classify it as a dessert. This was my favourite of the lot, but since I was already quite full with the previous dishes, I couldn’t finish it all.


Overall, I had a great culinary experience at Tarbouche. If you’re short on time and just need something to eat on the go, this is the place to grab it from. Same goes if you want to enjoy a nice Arabic meal. People who’ve been born and brought up in Arabic countries, this place will definitely make you feel nostalgic! The only issue I had with it is that there is no place to sit and enjoy a meal because it is a kiosk. However, the owners said they would be solving this issue soon enough.

So here’s a summary of my experience at Tarbouche:

Price: 5/5
Ambiance: 2/5
Location: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5

Next time you’re in the area and wanna try something new, head down to Tarbouche for a great culinary experience!


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