Goa Man v/s Food

Imagine you go to watch a WWE Royal Rumble match and you’re thrown into the ring with 11 superstars! That’s exactly how I felt at the Goa Man v/s Food, North Goa preliminary round. I went to Praana in the intention of supporting my pal as he ate his way to glory but things took a twist when my friend gave in my name as a participant due to some last minute backing out by some other guy. 

The moment The Goan Foodie told me that I was the final participant, wild card entry all the hunger I had in me disappeared, it felt like I had gobbled on an all you can eat buffet as soon as they called out my name. 

As the participants walked up to the mic and said a little about themselves, some of them bragged about how they’re going to eat the most while some just said they were here to enjoy the food and would try their best. Once the competition was over  looking at the plates it felt like the braggers had come with the sole purpose of intermediating the other participants. While the ones who said they would try their best faired much better than the others. 
While the MC tried entertaining the crowd with his jokes, all I could think of was what if i make a fool of myself and I can’t eat anything? As the platters made their way to the table there were cheers from the spectators. The whole crowd went woah! While the participants took sipped on some water in surprise. 

12 Mutton Burra, 12 Malai Tikka and a naan was what stood in the way of the is and the spot for the finals. From the moment they said go, everyone dug into their food. There were people tearing apart the mutton ribs and some shredding the Malai and making what looked like a roll along with the naan. There were all kinds of strategies used as I looked around the table. From then on I thought to myself “I’m not winning this thing ๐Ÿ˜…let’s jusy enjoy the food.” That’s exactly what I did. I chewed on the mutton as if it was a baby, the meat so tender and the taste so flavorful. My aim was to finish the ribs. I love mutton and ribs are something i adore. The malai tikka was something I didn’t fancy eating since I’m not a huge fan. 

Halfway through the Malai tikkas I felt like giving up as I layed my eyes on the beer sitting in front of me waiting for me to gulp it down. Once the last qualifier was stood up I had a satisfying feeling. I never thought I could eat so much. I felt happier when i saw i did decently well compared to the guys who bragged. 

I learnt two things from this competition. Never brag about how much you can eat and enjoy every meal as if it’s your last. Kudos to The Goan Foodie and Praana for hosting such an amazing meal for the participants. 

For those of who want to catch the finals, it happens at Micky’s in Colva today, September 18. Come hungry as there are a lot of spot prizes for the spectators too!


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