Review: Art of Delight, Bangalore.

Art of delight

Two weeks ago, Marlon came around to visit and the two of us went a little crazy trying out all the little cafes and restaurants around Bangalore. One of the many cafes we visited was Art of Delight. Art of Delight is a little dessert place located in Koramangala and Residency Road, Bangalore. They serve the cutest desserts in little jars and I’d been meaning to try out their food for the longest time! So when the opportunity came up to review them, I was more than ecstatic to do it.

Those of you who know me, know that my favourite food group is DESSERTS! I will eat the smallest portions of appetizers and main course just so that I have a lot more room for dessert. Art of Delight gave me the opportunity to release my inner “Cookie Monster” and go crazy over their different variety of desserts.

The first dessert we tried out was the Mud Pie Sundae. I love anything to do with chocolate and this was a dream for me! It had layers of Mississippi mud pie, vanilla ice cream, gooey chocolate fudge and fresh cream that tasted brilliant when combined together.

Art of delight bangalore koramangala
The Mud Pie Sundae
Art of Delight Bangalore Koramangala
Banoffee Sundae

The second dessert we tried was the Banoffee Sundae.
Now although I love Bananas and salted caramel, this dessert was a little too sweet for my liking. It consisted of whipped cream, bananas, caramel and vanilla ice cream. It also had bits of roasted cashew nuts sprinkled on top. It was a good sundae, but after having the amazing Mud pie sundae, this one tasted just okay.
For our last dessert, we decided to go with something small because we were both so full of sugar already.


I had heard great things about their Red Velvet Cheesecake and so we decided to go with that one. It was just divine! It had alternate layers of Red velvet cake and cream cheese and was presented to us in a little glass jar. It was the perfect quantity for one person and it is definitely a must-have if you’re visiting this place.

Art of delight Bangalore Koramangala
Red Velvet Cheesecake

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