Review: TE-A-ME Natural Green Teas

Its been a long weekend of drinking like a fish and an early morning full of headaches and a hangover. The only thing keeping me going is Te-a-me's natural green teas! I'm a huge tea fanatic, but when it comes to Green Tea, I'm not very open to exploring too many brands. I've always pretty … Continue reading Review: TE-A-ME Natural Green Teas


Peppermint Iced Latte

With the weekend coming to an end, I'm sure most of you are thinking "What’s worse than Mondays?". The answer is- Mondays during the monsoons! That’s exactly what most of us in India are going through these days. Waking up on a Monday in this cold gloomy weather can be kind of a challenge. However, this … Continue reading Peppermint Iced Latte

Mint Chip Cheesecake Brownies

  What if I told you, you could taste heaven on a plate? Would you believe me? Probably not. However, I promise you- This recipe comes very close. Who wouldn't love these 4 elements in one dish? Mint, Chocolate Chips, Cheesecake and Brownies, all combined to create one delicious edible piece of heaven! Also, when … Continue reading Mint Chip Cheesecake Brownies