2 minute Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows & Cream

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I live in a hostel which basically translates to extremely low resources when it comes to food. I also live in BANGALORE, which has the reputation of being a very cold city. If any of you have been to Bangalore during November-January, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s super chilly and the weather just calls for a rich, hot cup of cocoa.

Also, when I get the occasional midnight craving, I can’t run to my fridge and pull out a tub of chocolate chip ice cream like I used to at home because we have no fridge here. So I had to improvise.


I don’t mean to brag, but I make the meanest Hot chocolate in the entire hostel (It’s all about the proportions!), with whatever resources are available. Today, I will be sharing that recipe with all you lucky people! Its a simple hot chocolate recipe, not time consuming at all, and if you live in a hostel or paying guest accommodation, this is perfect for you and will definitely satisfy that midnight craving.

Before we get started, I’d like to mention that I don’t have an induction cooktop or any fancy cooking equipment in my hostel and so I have to make do with an electric kettle.

Also, the marshmallows used in this recipe are the Kraft Jet-puffed marshmallows that a friend of mine got from California. They’re not available here in India, but you could use either the Marshmelts Vanilla Mist marshmallows or the Haribo Chawmallows that are easily available on Amazon.

One last thing: I prefer my hot chocolate on the darker side and therefore like to dilute it in hot water before adding the milk. I also find that Cadbury’s drinking chocolate is sweet enough for my liking but some people like adding extra sugar to it. So that part is completely up to you.

Let’s get started!

Recipe for Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows & Cream


2.5- 3 tbsp Cadbury’s drinking chocolate
100ml Water
250ml whole Milk
A handful of marshmallows
Whipped Cream (Optional)
Sugar (Optional)
Hershey’s Chocolate sauce (Optional)


  • Heat the water in a kettle or on a stove until it starts boiling.
  • Add the drinking chocolate powder into a mug and pour the hot water into it.
  • Stir the chocolate-water mixture until the powder has completely dissolved into the water. (Add more water if necessary)
  • Add the milk into the mixture (No need to heat it because the mixture is already hot due to the boiling water)
  • Stir the hot chocolate and taste it to see if it requires any sugar.
  • Finally, top with marshmallows, whipped cream (optional) and chocolate sauce (Optional) and enjoy!

There you have it, a rich cup of hot cocoa in less than two minutes! Tell us what you think of this recipe in  the comment section below 🙂



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