Review: FreshMenu

Living in a hostel for more than a year has taught me the importance of home cooked food. Or any good food at all. I remember my first year as a hosteller- wishing that there was good food on the mess menu before every meal. The menu for the day would read butter chicken and I would get all excited, awaiting that meal, counting every minute to it, and then to my disappointment I would be presented with a half cooked bony piece of chicken rolled in some red masala.

That’s where ‘FreshMenu’ came to my rescue. For those of you who don’t know about Freshmenu, its basically a cloud kitchen service that has a different menu everyday. Cloud kitchens are food based businesses operating mostly through a mobile app or website. They have only production facilities or kitchens and no dine in facilities.

FreshMenu caters to the Metropolitan cities, as of now. They’re currently operating in Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi and Gurgaon. My college is situated in Bengaluru and when I first discovered this app, I went a little crazy. They had amazing gourmet meals, burgers and desserts for very reasonable rates. Best part: There was no minimum order amount!

My college is located in a rather remote area and so there weren’t too many hygienic restaurants in the locality. I started ordering from FreshMenu almost every other day, and I loved the food. The quality of the ingredients were amazing. The packaging is super cute and practical. Service is impeccable! They reach my hostel in less than 40 mins and that’s saying a lot, in Bengaluru.

However, as time passed, their quality started to deteriorate. I guess they started getting more orders and they couldn’t focus much on quality. I recently ordered their Roast Chicken sandwich, which was supposed to have diced chicken inside the bread, but what I got was a huge slab of half cooked chicken which wasn’t even marinated. I was very disappointed and placed a complaint. They said they would send me another meal as a replacement but that was no good either.

I kept ordering from them in hopes that the next dish would be a good one but they kept disappointing me every single time. I was spending unnecessary money on food that was getting worse than my hostel food. I sent them a lot of feedback and left a review on Zomato, as well, but they didn’t improve even after. So I finally deleted the app.

FreshMenu, if you’re reading this, PLEASE try to get back to the quality that you started with. No amount of promotions or offers are going to sustain your business. It’s ultimately the food you serve to your customers that will take you forward.

Have you guys tried FreshMenu yet? If you have, let us know about your experience in the comments below 🙂


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