Review: Cluck Tales


Come any season in Goa, there’s no better spot to peep at the array of passerby’s just going on their daily routines than the window seat of Cluck Tales, sipping on some hot Latte or eating some mouth-watering chicken. I recently had the opportunity of being hosted to a luscious lunch by Chef Manjula De Cruz and trust me my shirt got tighter around the stomach on my way out. 😀

Interiors of Cluck Tales Restaurant 2-min
Interiors of Cluck Tales
Chef Manjula De Cruz

Cluck Tales is the newest edition to the ever growing culinary industry in Goa. It is just opposite Don Bosco high School in Panjim, not too hard to find. Once you make your way to the restaurant and open the door I am sure you will forget all your worries and leave behind your grumpiness if you have carried any along with you. You will be greeted by a jolly Chef Manjula, whole heartedly.

The thing which stands out about this place is the way they cook the chicken. They use

Lava Stones (Used and Unused)

lava stones to enhance the quality of the food. The lava stone allows the heat to penetrate the food better, requires minimum oil for cooking and absorbs the unhealthy soot. This helps the meat become healthier and more succulent. The stones are mainly imported from Malaysia.


We had our tables laid on the top floor, on my way to the top I was firstly impressed by the spotless clean kitchen which kind of gave us an idea about what Chef Manjula is all about. She loves perfection and she has a strong policy of never compromising of quality and food. With the signature red framed spectacles, chef coat and charming smile she is more than capable of leading this restaurant to be at the top of their game.

Now enough of the yapping and let’s get down to why you’ll are here, THE FOOD!

Focaccia and Bread Sticks with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive oil

There were focaccia and bread sticks placed on the table along with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. This was more like an ice breaker snack where everyone got to know each other. The bread is baked


We started off with a shot of Pineapple-Kiwi juice which tickled our tongues. For those who prefer to keep things hot, the chicken chowder should suffice, with chunks of chicken and corn in it. We were served one of Goan’s favorite snacks, a mini chicken chop. The

Chicken Chowder, Ciabatta Toast with Red Pepper Hummus, Mini Chicken Chop (clockwise)

chop didn’t disappoint when it came to the amount of meat which was there inside. The ratio of potato to meat was just perfect, unlike some places which emphasize on using a lot more potato than meat. The ciabatta toasts with red pepper hummus was amazing. I feel this is by far the best hummus I have tasted in a Goan restaurant. Kudos to Chef Manjula! After tasting the hummus I had flashbacks of the hummus I had in the Gulf.


For main course you can either order burgers, gyros or chicken. The dough is flavored with Cocoa and dark Soy sauce to give it a distinct look and flavor. You can either have the chicken by itself or in a meal. A meal comes with the quantity of chicken of your choice, a side, a dip and a drink. There are plentiful flavors you can order your chicken in. The chicken is marinated for at least 30 hours before making it onto your plates. It’s worth noting that the flavor of the day changes every day and sometimes even twice a day, it depends on availability.

The choice of marinade is up to you. Flavours like Fresh Herb Palm Vinegar, Balsamic & Scallion, Moroccan Harissa, Lahsooni Chicken, Pineapple & Coriander or the Chefs special are available to taste. My favorite was the Fresh Herb Palm Vinegar. Each of the marinade is a must try. There is a unique taste in each of them.

There are a variety of sides you could choose from. Some of which are the Apple Slaw, Buttered Corn, Baked Vegetables and Spiced Crushed Potato. Not forgetting the popular dips. The 3 favorites being the Jalapeno Jam, Guacamole and the Smoked Garlic Aioli.

According to me, Fresh Herb Palm Vinegar, Smoked Garlic Aioli and buttered corn make a good combination. But I would leave that up to you.

The moment I was waiting for was here! Dessert time! We were first given a palate cleanser which really helped us in getting the true taste of the desserts.

Les Desserts

Although I am a die-hard chocolate lover (that my mom keeps complaining about), don’t shoot me but I preferred the Pasteis de Nata.
It is a Portuguese style egg-custard tart. The origin of this delicious sweet treat Pastéis de Nata dates back to the 18th century when it was created by monks at a monastery in Lisbon, Portugal. I really liked the Chocolate Tart, but if you are on a one dessert only diet, you should try the Pasteis de Nata. I haven’t come across such an amazing dessert in my life. My words cannot express how it tastes. Go down and see for yourselves.


Pasteis de Nata-min (1)
The Best of them all – Pasteis De Nata

The next time you are in the capital city of Goa come down to Cluck Tales and get satisfied to the core. From the starters to the desserts and even beyond, they’ve got you sorted!




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