Street Food in Goa

Street food is ready-to-eat food or drink sold by a hawker, or vendor, in a street or other public place, such as at a market or fair. It is often sold from a portable food booth, food cart, or food truck and meant for immediate consumption. Goa boasts of a huge variety of street food available throughout the year, be it rain or shine. If you haven’t had street food in Goa, you haven’t lived. Here’s a round up of some of the best food you’ll find on the streets of Goa.

Ros Omelet

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Roaming at night in Goa has taught me one thing about hunger, do not look for choice; just grab whatever you find on the way. Goa doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to eating at night, majorly you will find only places which aren’t pocket friendly. However in some parts of the cities you will find a number of kiosks open after midnight. Sometimes even until 3 a.m. serving a boys favorite, ros omelet. For those of you who never heard about this before, ros omelet is egg or omelet served chicken xacutti gravy with pao. You can opt for butter pao and also ask the guys to fry you a sunny side egg if they are willing to to have with the gravy instead of the omelet.

Where to find: Panjim Church Square, Margao Bus Stand

Approximate Price:Rs. 30 – Rs. 60

Cutlet Pao

The word that gets all the non-vegetarians alert. Whenever we hear the word cutlet pao there is an automatic release of saliva in our mouths. The very sound of the name of this Goan favourite will get anyone’s tummy’s rumbling. A cutlet pao is a slice of flattened meat, either chicken, pork or beef; whatever meat you prefer. The meat is first marinated with the cook’s choice of masala. Usually a green masala is used since it goes well with the cutlets. It is then fried with bread crumbs until its golden brown. The cutlet is served in a bread or on your plate, however you prefer it. It is usually accompanied with some salad and gravy.

Where to find: Dsilva’s in Miramar, Costa’s in St.Cruz

Approximate Price: Rs. 50 – Rs. 70


Chaat is known to have originated in Uttar Pradesh. Due to the migration of people from across the country according to majority the best chaat in recent times would be the one you had in Mumbai. Over the past years chaat has got the Goan taste buds rolling too! With the influx of people from other states into Goa, Goa is not behind when it comes to chaat. You will find countless kiosks serving this Mumbai favorite thing. Pani Puri, Shev Puri, Bhel Puri and Dahi Puri are the locals favorite. On Miramar beach you will find a huge line of vendors with the chaat kiosks all having a unique way to serve up this meal.

Where to find: Miramar Beach, Chaat Street, majority of the beaches will have a kiosk serving chaat.

Approximate Price:Rs. 20- Rs. 50

Pani Puri.jpg

Pani Puri Served with Bhel



The food which descended from the Arab world, made its way to Goa almost a decade ago. If I can remember correctly it was first started in Miramar. I lived my childhood in Saudi Arabia, so I think I can call myself an expert when it comes to Shawarma. In the Gulf shawarmas are generally served in khubus (Arabic flat bread). What goes inside is your choice of meat, beef, chicken, camel or lamb; some French fries, garlic sauce, pickles and  your choice of vegetables, which I majorly avoided as I felt that the french-fries and pickles are enough as vegetables in the shawarma. The shawarmas there came in two sizes a 6 inch and a 12 inch, since the Arabs like theirs big and so did I! When I came to Goa I got too see a variety of shawarma. With different fillings, sauces, vegetables, some came in bread, some in chapatis (never going to try that one again). Shawarmas have become a much loved food in Goa in recent years. The number of vendors who are trying to replicate the Arabian delicacy have also increased over the years. A shawarma after a nice evening spin with your friends is something you could try. Miramar beach in North Goa and Colva beach in South Goa serve some pretty decent shawarmas.

Where to find: Miramar Beach, Porvorim-Maple Leaf, Opposite KTM Showroom, Colva Beach

Approximate Price:Rs. 50 – Rs. 70

Next time you’re craving something savoury, make your way to these street joints to have a mouth watering experience!


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